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We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your business trading needs.


Our Promise To You

We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your business trading needs.

Our reputation and history of successful Trades, worldwide, speak for itself. We pride ourselves in helping businesses save Big!

Using Trade as an alternate currency, we will teach you how trading can benefit your business in today's economy. 

Our Services:

Your Expert Guide To More Trades

Proprietary Strategies To Help Move Your Dormant Assets And Keep Your Cash


The Hotel & Restaurant business is demanding and challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining equipment. EbarterBank is proud to offer our members great quality services at an affordable pricing. Our wide range of services includes mattresses, bedroom furniture, bed sheets, plumbing, refrigeration, freezers, appliances, HVAC equipment,  electrical services, and much more.

All on Trade!!! 


eBarterBank is proud to be one of a few trade organizations with it's own travel desk. Our Travel Desk offers personalized service for all of your vacation needs. From Domestic to International, we have travel around the world. Find out more about traveling on Trade


Find what you need on trade! Our members are specialized in emergency work for Homeowners, Realtors, Inspection Reports, Insurance Work etc. They work in a timely manner, are very efficient with lots of attention to detail. They are the best at keeping you on budget and HAPPY!!!


We have a complete array of business services for the small and medium size business to take advantage of. What a great way to use trade dollars for expenses you normally pay with cash. We offer, printing, signs, computer repairs, vinyl lettering, Accountants, Attorney’s and more. Find out how you can save on Business Services!


eBarterBank has one of the most comprehensive Medical Trade Groups in the country. Imagine offering Dental to your key employee and you pay using trade dollars and a small co pay. We offer Dental, Veterinary, Medical Doctors, Eye Surgons, Eye Examaims, Chriropractic, Accupunture, Holistic Doctors and more.


eBarterBank is proud to offer a wide array of automotive services, from mechanic services, oil change, wash and detailing, windshield replacement, window tinting, body shop, etc


You joined eBarterBank to get what you want and trade what you have. And this is the earliest form of marketing!
Trading one on one is often unreal as you can hardly exchange bread loaves for dental work!
This is the solution brought by eBarterBank!
And the internet allows a company to find potential clients where they are. Close by or further away. And this is why eBarterBank is proud to offer digital design and advertising services on trade

***************** PRODUCTS STORE

Visit our Products Store where you can find Mattresses, Sheepskin Gifts, Bed Room Furniture, Computers, and many more.
As some products may not be available more than a few days, come and visit often to find amazing deals, all are 100% on trade.

It's like Craigslist, but on barter.


Listen To What Our Clients Say…

Because It’s Our Clients That Matter Most

Saved Thousands in Cash !!!!

Nicole L

We were tired of our old mattress.
We Called eBarterBank, went to the office, looked at what they had, and laid on a few.  We bought an Aireloom mattress, a beautiful leather bedroom set, a huge beautifully beveled glass framed mirror and a mini Fridge. 
It was all delivered and we could not be happier.  We love our new mattress and furniture $6,200  - 100% BARTER

Wow, a Wedding ring on trade!!!

John D.

I was looking for a wedding ring and my trade director found a beautiful one carat diamond ring on trade for me. Wow I didn't have to spend an arm and a leg and better yet was able to spend trade dollars!

Total professional.

Steve A.

I bought a new home. 
I used our ebarter Realtor and was able to pay the commissions on barter.  Which lowered the cash I had to pay at closing.
It was great! 
Cash into my pocket !!! Thank you ebarter !!

Don’t Fall For These Bartering Myths:

Myth #1: Hand Shakes cannot be trusted

TRUTH: We guarantee effective and knowledgeable representation for you and your business. It is our goal to match your company's needs with the members that will sell you products and services on trade within our network. We have helped thousands of businesses, big and small. Our reputation and successful trades for our clients speaks for themselves. 

Myth #2: Traders don't have enough resources

TRUTH: Whether your business is looking to get started or it's in need of some negotiation skills, you can rest assured that we’re going to help you. We’re committed to providing you with top notch legal support and knowledge. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. It's our job to network your business with thousands of new members to trade with.

Myth #3: You cannot use other trade currencies in other trade network

TRUTH: eBarterBank is the only trade network that will take all trade currencies in exchange for products and services that you need. If you belong to other trade organizations and you’re having difficulty spending that currency, we have a program to help you transfer those currencies into trade credits which you can now use.

Offer Your Services And Products On Our Barter Stores!

Our Marketing Specialist Will Showcase Your Offers And Make Them Irresistible

We have acquired the service of a Marketing Team to provide our members with the services they need to move their assets rapidly.

The marketing services for your offers on eBarterBank are free. Marketing services for your own company are offered on Trade on the Services page.

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Who We Are:

Dedicated To Finding You New Customers
In Under 30 Days

Barter and Trading is thousands of years old and is considered the oldest form of currency exchange. In recent years, small and medium size businesses have been trading one on one, manifesting a new concept of Membership Barter Networks.

eBarterBank is an international trade network that gives you the power to trade with thousands of members instead of one on one. If you have a product or service you want to trade, excess inventory, empty seats, rooms or time, you can take assets you are going to lose and change them into trade points that you can spend anytime in the future.

You must become a member to trade. All your transactions are managed by our exclusive trading software making historic reviews of trade easy and tax ready at the end of the year.

​Let one of our trade directors answer all your questions about how trade can enhance your business and save you money.

Meet Our Incredible Team:

Passionate And Driven Bartering Professionals

See What They Say:

About the services rendered
​by our trade members

Bob P.

 Founder and National Trade Director for the company. Bob has 20 years of trading experience and spends everyday of the week finding the newest and best products and services for our members..

Kathy O.

 Business Manager Trade Services and Travel Specialist. Kathy has years of business experience with extensive work in the travel industry.

Christina P.

 Christina is in charge of our Latino Membership. She is bilingual and helps facilitate all trades through our network.

Steven A.

 Trade Director, looking for new and innovative ways to bring new business to the company as well as networking members in our network.

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Our talented team is waiting to help you get what you want and trade what you have.

Today choose to treat yourself and your loved ones by joining our family of traders.